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Any criminal attorneys in Decatur,Ga accept payment plans?

Albany, GA |

I'm typing for my mom. my dad is in a mental health facility its a program the governor created for non violent people his probation officer recommended he be put there for 9 months thats the maximum time for the program anyone that enters it must do 9 months. its appling integrated treatment facility in baxley,ga my dad is to be released next week thursday but dekalb district attorneys office put a hold on him for something that happened last year over the summer we are looking for an attorney that accepts payment plans so he can get a bond

the public defender has lied about what she was going to do and my mom left messages she hasn't returned her calls they mentioned giving false name and identity fraud this was something that happened with my sister she got probation so we want my dad to get probation

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Call your state bar association and request a referral to an attorney in your area, or try the avvo 'find a lawyer' option--you will have to call around until you find a couple attorneys who will meet with you and disuss your options--including payment plans.

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Depending on the charge our firm does offer reasonable payment plans. We also accept all major credit cards. We offer free case consultations and practice in Decatur. 404-845-7953

This Reply is intended to be helpful to the Asker and the Avvo Community, but it does not constitute legal advice and does not create any attorney-client relationship.

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