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Any attorneys experienced on L1a Visas & small business?Areas I need to focus on when preparing L1a application?ThankYou

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We are a small to medium sized company, have 15 managerial and additional support staff consisting of accountants, housekeepers, and repair contractors. Our Canadian office and American offices are incorporated. My family has been working in Real Estate for over 30 years and my property management company owns and manages eight properties in the USA and six properties and a Canadian Post Office in Canada. We provide accommodations for 4 families and about 50 tenants on 1 year leases. Our properties are clear titled. I need the L1a Visa for myself as I often perform executive policies/managerial hiring. I regularly travel to oversee our operations and train our American staff to adhere and implement: new rules, quality control, interviews.Obtaining a green card and blanket L1a are goals.

some additional information about me: Currently I am a Canadian working for a non profit company this summer under a TN Visa as they have offered me a position as a recreational therapist but this path cannot lead to a green card so I am also preparing my own property management company to satisfy L1a company qualifications. My American and Canadian managerial staff along with my families financial resources, managerial leadership, and support help me run my company. We make decisions together and have considered the EB5 but it is a unguaranteed high risk investment. As well, the E2 Visa does not lead to a green card. I have a masters degree and I may apply for an H1B but H1B filing fees are difficult for employers.

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You're off to a good start in meeting eligibility requirements, touch base with an attorney experienced in L's to flesh out the other necessary information and prepare the case. For the blanket L, the company will need to prove that it: has an office and has been doing business in U.S. for at least one year; has three or more domestic or foreign branches, subsidiaries, or affiliates and be engaged in commercial trade or services; and reach U.S. annual sales of $25 million, employ a U.S. workforce of 1,000, OR have received approval of at least ten individual L petitions in the previous 12 months.

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Best to discuss in detail with an immigration lawyer

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You need to hire an attorney for this. You want a blanket L-1 but have not even filed one yet by the company! Make sure you are applying for the right thing.


Work with an attorney to cover other bases not provided in your query.

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You have some right information, but a mish mash of other information that indicates you may not fully understand these visas. It would definitely benefit you to work with an experienced attorney to plan out the types of applications you need for your end goals.
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