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Any Attorneys Available In Indiana?

Markle, IN |

I am searching for an attorney who can legally assist me so that a "neighbor" will stop killing animals that may venture onto his land (4 acres). He stalks the animals with a surveillance camera that covers most of my 3.2 acres property and takes note when I put food out for stray, homeless animals in the evening. I have posted many times on Avvo with many great responses from attorneys that has been greatly appreciated over the last eight months. For more detail on the matter, please read my previous posts.
Thank you for reading this. A response would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Use he Find a Lawyer tab above

Meanwhile, report the use of illegal firearms to the police if you believe that has been going on. You don't say how the animals are being killed. It is animal cruelty to poison a pet or livestock. Report that to the police too.

First find a lawyer and go from there. Good luck.



Hello and thank you for your response. Unfortunately, the animals (the last one was a bobcat that I fed every night for over two years) the man is a police officer who thinks he is above the law. I have called Animal Control, the police, have spoken to his superiors, and am in the process of making contact with a conservation officer with whom I can file a claim for animal abuse with. Attorneys in my area (Ft. Wayne, IN) don't even seem interested.

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