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Annulment. Before aos through marriage

Parker, CO |

My fiancé was married 25 years ago. I month after his ex wife annuled the marriage. After that she had already been married. Now it's our time. But he even doesn't know when and how happened annulment. He doesn't have any docs or paperwork. My questions are: how can we prove that marriage was annuled. Does he supposed to have any documents proving that. Can we just go and take marriage license and patiently get married. And main question: should we mention this first marriage in Vegas that lasted one month in documents for aos. And if we should. We supposed to send any docs proving that it's done. But we don't have any of those coz it wasn't divorce. Thank you.

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There should be documents filed with the Court where the parties lived back 25 years ago that would support the annulment. I would not be in favor of proceeding with a marriage unless you have proof that the prior marriage was dissolved either by annulment or by divorce. You don't want to commit bigamy.

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Shaye Larkin

Shaye Larkin


I agree with Mr. Leroi. It is best to do the research on this and be safe instead of sorry.


An annulment has to involve a court proceeding and there has to be paperwork. Where was his wife living when she had the case annulled? The courthouse in that county is the best bet to find the documents.

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