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An individual filed an INVOLUNTARY BK against me as an officer of a corp. for a very small debt fraudulently.

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An individual filed an INVOLUNTARY BK against me as an officer of a corp. for a very small debt fraudulently. The case does not even meet the basic requirements of a BK. I need to get it dismissed and sue the individual for damaging my credit.I found your law office on the Internet. I have had a horrible bad faith BK filed against me from an individual. I have looked at all the laws and I do not even meet the basic tests for how the case even got filed. It is fraudulent. It is for a very small debt and almost unbelievable. It will be easy to get the case dismissed but the bigger issue is to sue the person that filed the involuntary BK in bad faith.
I am looking for help dismissing it and then going after the person that filed the case. I need a contingency attorney. The facts and details of the case are with out question a winning case. My cell is 323 500 3355

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This is not law office -it is a general information website. You have a serious issue, and you have deadlines and requirements for the case. You need to take the initiative to call good Bankruptcy lawyers and set meetings, preferably with one who has some experience in Bankruptcy cases. I can't speak for other lawyers, but your situation is not one that many good lawyers will take on a contingency. You need a lawyer to see whether the case is "easily dismissed" and whether sanctions are a "winning case." Posting on the internet (even a good site like this one) and leaving your cell numbers and other personal information to solicit calls is not the appropriate way to find a lawyer (though you might get a response or two from good local lawyers).


Attorneys on this site are not allowed to solicit your business & I would suggest that you look for a lawyer with bankruptcy litigation experience using the "Find a Lawyer" search toolbar on the top of this page. Hope this perspective helps!


We, as attorneys, are not allowed to call you. Press the "find a lawyer" tab, put in "bankruptcy" and the city or county where you live and you will get an attorney's name. Good luck.

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The phrase "against me as an officer of a corp." seems weird.

Did they file against YOU personally (and if so, why should it matter if you are an officer if it is YOU that owes the debt?


Did they file against THE CORP?


Did they file both (two filings?)

See a local bankruptcy attorney without delay.

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