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An employer lied about a drug test being positive. Can I sue?

Atlanta, GA |

I applied for a position with this company years ago . . . updated my name and got very high recommendations from within once again , after the initial referral . The interviewer recognized that i was the individual that she had not hired after years and mentioned it in the interview . I took a drug test and background check to find out that my test came out positive . . . impossible . . . they let me retake it and it turns out negative . . . they never submitted the first test results to the Dr . s office that facilitates the test although i have a copy of the test that was taken . . . I believe it can be proven that the test was negative from the beginning . This is a negative start and want to sue and opt out . Do i have a case ?

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If you recived rhe job, no there is no case, no.

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