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An employee is ushered out of the workplace told there has been allegations brought against them. What are their rights?

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Employee advised 30 hours afterward of the charges , but not provided with anyway to defend or never questioned by anyone on the charges . Advised to respond by e - mail to two questions . No response from corporate HR since then . Employee has been subject to working 12 to 15 hour days ( salaried ) because the boss wants to cut overtime . Employee and three others in the workplace have been screamed at and belittled in front of other employees at the work site three to four times a week . Two employees required to work every other weekend because they are salaried . Employee blamed for the conditions at the work site .

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Employment in Georgia is "at will" and employees can be terminated with no notice, for any or no reason. There are exceptions for a few types of unlawful discrimination. Being terminated on the spot, alone, is not your issue. There also no general legal right to have a nice boss, and many salaried employees are required to work weekends and evenings to get the job done. On the other hand, whether or not you were properly paid wages and whether or not you were subject to retaliation for raising legitimate complaints about such things as wage or overtime violations is a different issue. It will take many more facts, and your employer also has their side. You would need to see a lawyer to review all of the facts.


Employment is at will in Georgia. Were you accused with a crime or other substantiation for the firing? More detail needed. You can also consult an employment lawyer.


Unfortunately, you can be terminated for any reason (unless it is an illegal reason) in Georgia if you do not have an employment agreement. However, you and the other employees may have overtime claims under federal law if you are not an exempt employee under the law. An employee cannot pay you a salary if you are non-exempt just to avoid paying overtime. I would need additional information to advice you. If you would like a free consultation feel free to email me at or contact me at (404) 680-8961 or (404) 687-8205.