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An auto mechanic filed a lien without informing me, can I get the lien invalidated?

Palo Alto, CA |

My car broke down on the way from LA to SF and I got towed to a small town called Lebec. The mechanic there said I could leave the car there (didn't mention of any charge), and asked me to sign some paperwork. 20 days later, I decided to get the car towed for junk and now the mechanic tells me that they have a lien and that I need to pay over $1000 to get it released (45/day charge + processing fees). The car is worth only about $400 because it is not in working condition. Is there anyway I can either can this cost reduced or removed?

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It may depend on what you signed. Generally, the mechanic is probably entitled to something for the storage fees, especially since you left it there for 20 days. Contact the mechanic to see if you can work something out, or just let the car go and he can sell it at auction.