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An angry neighbor files false police reports as well as a false domestic violence statement under oath.

Miami Beach, FL |

My neighbor who is angry with me filed a petition for temporary injunction (civil domestic violence case) against me. She claimed I stalked her, threatened her and harassed her. The petition was denied. However, she also filed one against my fiancé, and stated he physically assaulted her, and thus it was served.
I read both of the statements against me and my fiancé, and they are completely false. There is not one sentence of truth in it.
The truth is that because her girlfriend was recalled from the board of directors, and they got a city violation, they are extremely angry with me, and have been harassing me for two months now.
How can I get a state attorney to take this perjury case? It's not right for people to be able to get away with making completely false allegations!

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In order for the state attorney to prosecute a perjury case, the prosecutor will have to be able to prove that the person knowingly lied. This is extremely difficult and usually the police/prosecutor will not file perjury charges on someone simply because another person said that person lied. If it can be proven it was a lie (for example, you can prove that you weren't even in town when the allegations occurred or they admit to lying) then the state attorney would more likely file charges. Perjury is extremely hard to prove.

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