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Amending chapter 7 bankruptcy schedules to add a creditor. Does the amended schedule just show new info or also old crdtrs?

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I have to add 2 creditors. If I do a new schedule f and matrix, can I just have the new creditors on this amended schedule or do I need to also submit the original creditors plus the new ones. Also, this changes the statistical summary, do I also need to amend that?

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An amended schedule F requires that you pay an additional filing fee, and you file the entire schedule again marked as amended, with the new creditors added in alphabetically, and underlined as to all changes from the prior filed schedule, and that you add the new creditors individually to the clerk's matrix.
The statistical summary need not be changed.

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The procedure will vary depending on the local rules, so I would start by going to the website of the local bankruptcy court to review the rules.

In my jurisdiction, the amendment is filed just with the new creditors and you must also add the new creditors to the matrix.

Either way, I have never made a change to the statistical summary, although there would be no harm in doing this.

Hope this perspective helps!


I agree with Mr. Weston that the amended schedule will include the new and old creditors. There is a filing fee of about $26. You should also mail a copy of the B9 Meeting of Creditors Notice to the new creditors.
You should, of course, check the local rules and ask the clerk's office for their procedure.


Some courts simply have a local form to add creditor.

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