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Am on removal proceedings because am out of status and was working illegally without authorization.

Kansas City, MO |

in the job application i said i was a citizen which i was charged with.i went to the immigration court last week and the judge told me it was a serious case and he gave me a one year extension but he told me next time i should be ready to leave the country.i have a fiance and we getting ready to get married is there a way i can fight the case and avoid being deported?

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My recommendation is to sit down, in person, with an experienced attorney in your area. In my opinion, this forum is not the best approach to dealing with such a serious immigration issue. Falsely claiming to be a US Citizen is a very serious charge and could potentially bar you from obtaining any future immigration benefits.


Hire a experienced immigration lawyer to help you out. Claiming to be a U.S. Citizen when you are not is a SERIOUS OFFENSE!! Seek attorney representation immediately!!

Garmo Law Group, PLLC (Michigan) 248-626-0050. This advice is only general in nature and does not constitute an attorney/client relationship. Speak to an experienced attorney before making decisions.

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