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Am I still legaly authorized to work in the US?

Titusville, FL |

I used to live in Florida some years ago, I have a social security card with only numbers and my name on it (no other restricticting text), I even have a voter card in Florida.
I never had a green card but was legaly in the us and with a sponsership to work.
I like to move back to US to live and work there. It would be a lot easier if I did not need sponsership. At the moment I live in Sweden and I am a Swedish citizen. Can I check if I am still authorized to live & work in US and if not what should my next step be?

Thanks in advance

Simply, I was in the US on a J-1 visa, got SSC with no restriction a voter registration card was sent to me by mail. I like to move to US, am I legal? Do I have Green Card without knowing it? Was all of this issued in my name by misstake?

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There is no reason to think from the information that you provided that it would be legal for you to work in the U.S. If you have an alien number, you can order your immigration file using the Freedom of Information Act.

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Thank you for such a quick reponse, one more question: Which government body would be best to contact for this information


Contact an immigration lawyer for a consultation and it would be prudent to obtain a copy of your file from the immigration service.

Most importantly, i hope you didnt vote if you are not a US citizen1

You are welcome to use the link provided below.




Hi, Thanks for your response. FYI, I never voted since it did not feel right to do so..


No, you have no legal claims based on having a long-expired J-1 to be in the US. Also, it is illegal to say you are a US citizen when you are not - i.e. - having a voter's registration card. A social security card and number do not give you a legal immigration right to the US. If you are trying to return to the US, you might want to find a job in the US and be sponsored for a work visa.



Hi, Thanks. I never stated that I am a US citizen nor I like to be one, I am quite happy with my own citizenship, but the fact remains that I do have a voter's card. I am just trying to find out if I have a green card or job authorization and if not what the best way to proceed would be.

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