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Am i right to make a claim for what i was owed

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my mom passed away this summer we had complaints with funeral parlor had meeting with president of the funeral parlor he wrote a check which should have been devided 8 ways i have the text that statest 586.00 person received 500.00 when asked what happen sister said she said she had every right to keep the whole amout said i was shamless to even ask we all grived the same amount

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None of us have any idea what entitled you to any money.

Can you elaborate?

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Unfortunately I am unable to decipher the question. Good luck.

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I'm assuming what you're saying is you all paid equally for a funeral, and your sister pocketed all of a refund by the funeral parlor. You would be entitled to your pro-rata share of that refund. If the total refund was only $500+ this might be a matter to take to small claims court, which may or may not be worth your time.


The question is somewhat confusing, however, I would venture to say that if you all gave the same amount and there was some refund made, then you would be entitled to your pro-rata share of the refund. Good luck.


I am sorry for the loss of your mother. When you are talking about money I think the decision as to whether to pursue it is a straight up business decision. I would not ever pursue $500 or $586, even if you are entitled to it. Lawyers are paid substantial amounts per hour. I don't know a lawyer who works on a contingency who wants part of, or even all of $500 or $586. If you sue someone in small claims court you are looking at being at the courthouse in front of the judge at least once, possibly twice, on top of the time and money it takes to file the lawsuit. I think you are entitled to it. I wouldn't pursue it.

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