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Am I responsible if someone gets bit breaking up a dog fight my dog was in, on the other persons property?

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My dog got lose went to my uncles house , according to him this triggered a dog fight between his two dogs and ours. He stuck his hand in the middle of the fight and got bit. Does not know which dog bit him. But feels we are responsible for the bills because our dog is what triggered it.

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You're responsible if your dog bit him, but if he doesn't know which dog, you're not necessarily responsible just because your dog was involved. Dogs are dogs. Why not offer to split the bill(s) with him?



I offered to do that., he said no . He says the police officer he spoke to says we are responsible for all costs because our dog went onto his property. I talked to him today and repeated to him that since he has no way of knowing which dog bit him I was not sure of my responsibility so he said he would have police officer file report ... is that even possible this happened almost four months ago?

Scott Douglas Camassar

Scott Douglas Camassar


I suppose it's possible but seems unlikely. If he's serious he can sue you in small claims court.


Potentially yes. Even if it wasn't your dog that bit him, he could make the argument that you're responsible for letting the dog get into his yard, which (you could reasonably have anticipated) triggered the fight with his dogs, and caused the injury. But if you apologize, offer to help him with his bill, and take steps to avoid this happening again, then he may not feel the need to file any lawsuit - and even if he does, then if you've acted to reduce any actual damage he's suffered, you're better off. You can only sue for damage you've truly incurred.

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You are indeed responsible for your dog so I would report the claim to your homeowners policy. I agree with Mr. cammisar that splitting the bills is an equitable solution.


Simply report it to your homeowners insurance carrier to resolve.

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