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Am I responsible for my husbands credit cards if I am an authorized user? He might file bankruptcy.

London, KY |

One of the cards is on my credit report . I don't want to file bankruptcy also.

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If one of the credit cards is on your credit report you are probably a joint owner of the card and are therefore responsible. But, just being an authorized user does not make you responsible.

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Susanne Ruiz Rodriguez

Susanne Ruiz Rodriguez


Ms. Gruber is correct. If you are just an authorized user, the creditor should not be reporting on your credit report. Check with the creditor and if you are truly just a user, then you should file a dispute with the credit reporting agency.


If you are only an authorized user, the information about this debt shouldn't be on your credit report. However, people often make assumptions about their credit that don't match up to the facts, and I would urge you to investigate the facts first and not make assumptions like this. Since you claim the card is on your credit report, it is likely that you are a co-owner and not merely an authorized user. But anything is possible. Hope this perspective helps!


In Ohio, if you did not sign the original loan application, and you are simply an authorized user, it is technically not your debt as you did not sigh a promise to pay.

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If you an authorized user and not a co-owner of the card, it will show up on your credit report, but you ar not responsible. In my opinion, I would not guess, but contact the card issuer difrectly and ask for the application documents to make sure you know your status. Some peopl think they are merely "authorized" becasue their name has been added to a card only to fin out later they are a co-obligor.

If a collection agency or Junk Debt Buyer tries to come after you for the debt, you may have relief under the FDCPA

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