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Am I responsible for my cousin student loan ? I am still her joint sponsor , she is still a green card holder

Paterson, NJ |

I was the co-signer ( I-864 ) when she got married like 3 years ago to an American citizen. she has a green card now , and just applied for some kind of student loan for her school, I am worried , is this have anything to do with me been her joint sponsor ?

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I-864 ensures that she will not become a public charge and will not use means tested public benefits. you are not responsible for her student loan, unless you co-sign and she stops paying on it.

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Unless you sign her loan as a co-signer, the affidavit of support you completed for immigration does not include student loans.


You are responsible to ensure that she is at 125% of the poverty line. Generally a student loan is not a needs based public benefit, so you should not be liable for that, or other debts your cousin incurs.

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