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Am I responsible for elderly parents debt?

Attica, IN |

My 67 year old mom who has been living with my brother has been asked to leave the house because they are fighting. She had built on her separate living quarters when she first started living there with them. She has no other assests and owes credit card debt. We are going to let her live with us. My question is will we be responsible for her debt if we allow her to live with us and is there a way to recover the $ that was spent on my brothers house?

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Attorney answers 1


No one is responsible for your mother's debts. Whether your mother lives with you or not does not make any difference. Only she is legally liable.

Since your mother has no assets she can probably eliminate all of her credit card debt with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I urge you to take her to a qualified bankruptcy attorney to explore this further.

With regard to the money that was spent on your brother's house, that is a more complex situation. This should be raised with the bankruptcy attorney to ascertain whether your mother has a claim against your brother that has any value. You should also talk to a general practitioner to ascertain whether your mother has a cause of action that she can bring against your brother.

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