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Am I responsible for a Third party bill that was paid to a Chiropractor in a Personal Injury Case four years ago?

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I was rear-ended at a stop sign 4 years ago and I went to a Local Chiropractor for treatment for a back injury resulting from the
car accident which was not my fault. The Chiropractor had a Third party company come into his office to ultrasound my back and then the Chiropractor billed my car insurance for the ultrasound and was paid a reduced amount for the bill through Medpay. About a year ago, the third party company sent me a letter via a Collection Company and I wrote them back that the bill had been paid. Then a year later, now I got a letter from another Collection company saying that I still owe the money plus interest and they have put the Collection item against my credit.
I called the credit rating companies and have filed a dispute.

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You should contact your auto insurance company for help. If it is outfit I am thinking of, they would offer EMG and other tests, and there work was useless and ridiculous. If your auto insurnace paid them a reduced amount, it was probably a proper compromise and release. Get your auto insurnace company to take care of it for you.

The other possibility is that the statute of limitations has run. If you signed a lien, that is a different issue possibly.

Did you have an attorney for your case? If so, call that person.

There are a lot of other possibilities. You need legal help from an attorney immediately, unless your car insurance takes care of it for you.

Adam Sorrells
Chico Personal Injury

Important disclaimer: The following was not legal advice. For informational purposes only. No attorney/client relationship formed. You need to seek legal advice immediately.


You should call the chiropractor and have a talk about his ethical duty's and his obligation to pass on the payment. You should then call the insurance company and tell them they have a good faith duty to pay. call the collectors and tell them you think that they have violated the fair debt collection act by the way they are trying to collect this and to get the nonsense off your credit report.

if that does not work call the state board of chiropractors, the insurance commissioner & file a complaint with the FTC.

If that does not work get a lawyer.


You are going to have to be very tough on this one. If your chiropractor did the billing and then settled with the insurance company you should not have to pay. They will pull out a paper you signed (I'd bet) that makes you directly liable to the ultrasound company. Did the chiro pay the ultrasound company? Did he bill for them and pocket their money?

You should get the facts from your insurance company so you know who got paid and who didn't.

It might not be the worst thing to file in small claims court and name the chiropractor, the ultrasound company. A judge will sort things out and put it to rest. (They may sue you in small claims but at least you'll know where you stand. Your insurance company should either pay them or explain why the didn't get paid and you can have them come in to court). What you can't do is let your credit get hit by these guys.


Talk to your insurance company. They should be able to work it out. Good Luck!