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Am I required to provide yet another interview to the police as a witness after I have already been interviewed for hours?

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My wife and I witnessed a fatal car accident and spent hours providing information to the police at the time. We also provided a further detailed account of what we saw that was tape-recorded at the police station. We are now being asked yet again by the police to be interviewed because the audio-video equipment reportedly malfunctioned. We have also been contacted by attorneys for both parties and now an insurance company. No charges have been filed in the case and we expect it may go to trial. We want to support the justice process but don't understand why we keep getting asked the same questions. Can we respectfully decline further interviews? We would like to go through the ordeal of describing the terrible events we saw only one more time. Is there a reasonable way to do that?

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You can respectfully say that you've already given your statements and short of a subpoena you shouldn't have to provide another statement. They will likely stay on you as I'm certain your statements are crucial in the case and a witnesses testimony is one of the most powerful pieces of evidence that can exist. Additionally the more time that passes the less likely you are to remember critical facts.

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It is great that you have given your time. If the video malfunctioned I can understand why they want to take it again. However, I agree with my colleague that absent a subpoena they can't continue bothering you.

Please be advised my answers to questions does not constitute legal advise and you should not rely on it, due to the fact that we have never met, I have not been aprised of the facts in you case nor have I reviewed any documents.


I agree with the other attorney responses that short of a subpoena, you can ignore them. However, think of the family of the deceased. They want closure also. Refusing to give a requested statement will just delay the inevitable: suit will be filed, a subpoena will be issued, and you will be asked to go to the Court to give the statement instead of them coming to you.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a camera recording the whole thing and our memory (for most of us) is not perfect. Sometimes a prior statement given by you raises addtional questions because your statement does not match the physical evidence. Therefore, additional questions need to be answered to understand - after the fact - what happened.

I congratulate and thank you for your effort to do your civil duty. I wish more would do the same. My job would be easier.


They would need a subpoena.

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