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Am I really married?

Marysville, IN |

I am wanting to get a divorce from my husband. However, I am not sure we are really married. I have my marriage certificate and it has 2 different dates on it. I called the courthouse records where we were married and they said there is no record in their system. Does this mean we are not married? They want me to bring the certificate to them so they can try to figre it out. What I am wondering,also, is will they put us in the system as married when they see the certificate or can I ask them not to since we will be getting a divorce anyway?

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They want to see if the certificate is a forgery. If it is legitimate, there isn't really a reason why it wouldn't be in their system or records. If it is legitimate, and there is a valid reason why it wasn't put into the system, then you are still married, and you cannot ask them to not record it. But, if it's not legitimate, then you aren't legally married. Assuming you were married afer 1958, there is no common law marriage in Indiana. You need to discuss this with a local attorney to fully explore the other issues that may be raised if your marriage is not legal.

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