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Am I protected under the Whistleblower Act?

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I'm a parking lot employee for a company who parks cars during Rays baseball games. One of our lots is a small lot that is used for business during the daytime. I've been told by my superior to park cars there even though it's a handicapped spot. Recently, I parked a car there and the car got a $250 ticket as it was in a handicapped spot. Now the company is trying to make me accountable for the money. Am I legally responsible for this money, and if not can they legally fire me for not paying? Also, if they do fire me for not paying can I take legal action against them?

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There could be a whistleblower claim. I would put in writing a complaint to your supervisor or HR to complaint about demands to park vehicles in handicapped spots. See what happens. If you get fired in response, you may very well have a whistleblower claim. For more information on employee rights check out my employee rights blog


In order to preserve your rights under e whistleblower act you would need to object to violating the handicap parking rules in writing to your hr department or supervisor. Make sure there are witnesses to this submission or get a receipt showing acceptance. If you are fired after completing this complaint you may have a claim.


I would argue that it is your supervisor, not you, responsible for paying the ticket. If you do get terminated, make sure you apply for unemployment compensation benefits.

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