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Am I obligated to pay the hospital, anethesioligist,radioligy etc. for a surgery that never happened?

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Husband was scheduled for surgery had anethesia administered, docter could not procced due to the fact he did not have the correct equipmint,after anethesia wore off sent home, resecheduled docter said not to worry about a bill he would see to it there was not one. Had the surgery 3 weeks later. Recieved bills for surgey not preformed on the origonal date.

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Did you also receive bills for the "actual" surgery date? If not then there was a mistake for the date. If you received two sets of surgery bills there's obviously a mistake also but you're going to have to pay for the surgery regardless.

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I am not licensed in OH and can provide you only with general advice. I would forward the anesthesia bills to the doctor and hospital. I do think that the surgeon is entitled to bill you for the surgery that he ultimately performed, unless he specifically made an agreement with you that he would not bill when the services were ultimately rendered. It may be difficult for you to prove this promise if it was verbal and the doctor disputes it. In any event, call or write the surgeon. Good luck.


Call the hospital billing manager to resolve.


Call the hospital and speak to someone in accounts receivable and see if they will help. I would also contact your medical insurance carrier and explain situation to them so you can get things resolved.

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