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Am I obligated to continue treatment by a dentist even though I am not satisfied?

Columbia, MD |

After 2 months and 6 visits, we are unsatisfied by the crowns and would like to move. We lost trust and confidence in dentist. Are we obligated to get treated by the same dentist until completion since we started the treatment?
Can we get the refund for all the money paid in advance for the crowns?

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No, you are not obligated to continue receiving treatment from the same dentist. If you are unsatisfied, find another dentist.

Whether you are legally entitled to recover the cost of services rendered by the dentist depends on whether his treatment was so poor as to constitute a material breach of contract or medical malpractice (negligence). That determination would require an intensive fact investigation and the engagement of an expert witness (who could testify that "the industry standard is "X" and the services rendered were "not X"). Without the assistance of an attorney, that avenue can be very complicated.

I suggest you address your concerns with your dentist directly before you result to legal recourse. But if you do decide to sue him/her, I strongly recommend consulting with an attorney first.


No. Go to a dentist that you can trust



Thank You Kevin! But I have paid in advance and I tried to work for 2 months (5 visits to clinic and 1 visit to lab) with him and now I do not want to continue and want a refund. Dentist keep saying that it can take multiple visits for crowns but how many visits are enough? Do you think I have a case to ask for refund.


you are not obligated to stay with the dentist, nor should anyone ever stay with a medical/dental care provider in whom trust and confidence has been lost. As for a refund, you would likely not be able to get a refund for the work already done, unless you can establish that what was done was incorrect or improper (would require another dentist to prove), but if you are paying in installments, you should not have to pay for the work that was not yet done; and should get a refund for that portion if it was paid in advance.

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