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Am I obligated by law to respond to the "Form Interroggatories - General DISC-001"?

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The other party's autorney has used the "Form Interrogatories - General DISC-001" on a civil case where the amount demanted is under $25,000. My understanding is that the autorney should have used the "Form Interrogatories - Limited Civil Cases (Economic Litigation) Form DISC-004" since the amount demanted is less than $25,000.

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Your best response is to timely object to any improper discovery, not to ignore it, or simply answer the questions under oath. Ignoring requests will often get you sanctioned by the court.


You are required to respond. It is my understanding that you can use the general civil form interrogatories for any civil case. For this reason, unless you have another objection to the questions asked, you should answer them. If you have a legal objection, then put it in your written response and send the responses within 30 days. Late discovery responses waive almost all objections.

Best of luck to you.

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You can object. I would object to each and every listed interrogatory as the Form Interrogatories cannot be used in Limited Civil and so state right in the instructions on the first page.

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