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Am I liable personally for costs accrued from an ambulance ride and medical care that shouldve been covered by workers comp?

Roseville, CA |

About a year ago I was injured on the job and instructed by my employer to take an ambulance (which they called for) to a hospital where I received care. My employer apparently never filed my workers compensation claim, because now I'm being called by collection agencies representing the ambulance and the hospital. I had no prior knowledge that the claim wasn't filed and my former employer is now out of business (circuit city).

EDIT: My main concern is when the company went out of business, my job was gone too. With the present state of the economy I have still been unable to acquire work and thus cannot afford to pay at all currently. In my opinion it is ridiculous to assume responsibility for a debt that I should not have been responsible for to begin with. I was injured while fulfilling my duty as an employee of said company, the burden should be on them... is the law not that black and white?

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The short answer is you should pay for the bills now, and try to repair your credit, and pursue your old employer later. If you don't care about your credit, then try to pursue Circuit City now. You will have to file a claim in bankruptcy court. Go to this site for more info on the Circuit City Bankruptcy.

Realistically, your chances of getting money from Circuit City are close to zero.


I concur with Mr. ElDabe. You may also want to see if the company's workers compensation insurance carrier may be willing to pay the bill. You should consult an attorney about the matter and for any specific legal advice. If you can't afford an attorney, you may wish to contact the free Debt Collection Clinic operated by the Voluntary Legal Services Program of Northern California in Sacramento at (916) 551-2102. (See


In addition to what has already been suggested, you may want to consult with the Department of Industrial Relations and see whether you can make a claim to the uninsured employers fund. Try looking at Good luck.