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Am I legally responsible for additional costs "that may be incurred" after informal accounting approval and release signed?

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" ..... I hereby approve the counsel fees, which have been paid and may be incurred in the completion of this estate administration on behalf of attorney and final accounting fees..." The additional amount is open ended shouldn't I get a final amount that will be owed?

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Based on that limited quote, it seems like it. You need to review the entire agreement to know for sure. Speak with your attorney, in detail, about the situation. If you are uncomfortable, seek a new attorney or pay an attorney to review the contract in its entirety. Good luck.

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If you have been served with an informal accounting, the counsel fee amount as well as any escrow for future counsel fees should have been disclosed. If not all beneficiaries sign a Release and Refunding Bond, the attorney for the Estate may file a formal accounting with the court, at which point the informal accounting legal fees may be insufficient and your share of the estate would be adjusted.

Good luck.

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