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Am i legally allowed to leave me parents house at the age of 17?

San Antonio, TX |

i have a job and i pay and provide for myself. id have my own room, bathroom. id still be going to school. my parents would know where id be staying. id be safe. i just need to get out of my parents because i do not get along with my step dad at all and it is causing me to ruin my relationship with my mom. please help me.

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If your parents consent, you probably can move out. You could look at emancipation, but it's a process that takes several months and you might be 18 by then.

Ask your mom If she'll do some family therapy with you before you move out.

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It is called Removal of Disabilities of Minority in the Texas Family Code. It would cost money and take time to do. Why don't you just ask your mom to meet you somewhere wnere the two of you can sit down and talk about these things.

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