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Am I invited to the immigration interview if only my father's name is on the letter (F3 category)?

Pittsburgh, PA |

My father is a beneficiary of an immigration petition filed by his mother, a US citizen. I am a beneficiary derivative and I am currently studying in the US. My father's been invited by the NVC to an interview in Hong Kong, but the letter only has his name on it. Does it mean that my mother and I don't have to go to the interview, even though all 3 of us have paid the application fee? What if I cannot make it to the interview because I'm in school?

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Your names should appear ... unless the NVC papers weren't done correctly.

It is now time to meet with an attorney to straighten things out.

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I agree with Mr. Capriotti. You may have to make immigration a priority. Otherwise, you will miss out on this opportunity. However, it is unclear whether there was an oversight on your non-immigrant visa application that can be viewed as misrepresentation. That is one more reason why you and your mom should see a competent and experienced immigration attorney. Good luck.

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If all of you paid the application fee you should be included in the application. Consult with an immigration lawyer to review your case.