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Am I in trouble?

Pittsburgh, PA |

I have a mildly mentally retarded client falsely accusing me of not showing up for work and verbal abuse however there is no proof i am suspended with pay pending investigation what should i do

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Retain counsel

Do not go It alone

Do not underestimate your opponent because of a slight disability.



Even if this person has a history of false claims and it is he said she said. I really dont have money for a lawyer?


Enlist the help of a qualified PA defense attorney and comply with every instruction he or she gives you. If the claims against you are false, then you have little to fear. Good luck.

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I agree with my colleagues. Get an attorney ASAP to represent you. Things can go downhill quickly and snowball on you without proper representation. Best of luck.

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Best bet is to retain local counsel in Pittsburgh to investigate.



Thank you all. I did contact a lawyer he said at this point in time legal counsel would be nice but 100% needed he offered a working consultation as my best bet until I hear what the investigation concludes. He also said thag it is not a criminal investigation.


you really need a lawyer. he or she can guide you through tricky areas. Like, if your employer wants to get a statement from you, do you, or do you not. An attorney can help you with this. You also may need an employment attorney.

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