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Am I in danger or is it standard police procedure ?

Pharr, TX |

There's an investigator that came to my house needing to speak to me but I was not home so I called him and he said I needed to confess to an incident that happened February 21, 2013 involving an underage female being assaulted at a karaoke bar by me which i didn't do. i gathered my witnesses and sent them including my wife to the police station to give their side and the investigator said 'i don't want to hear it, tell it to your lawyer' now he says there's a warrant but the p.d says there isn't, in fact there's no record of me at all. The supervisor of investigators says that the judge will tear this investigator a new A**hole and that its a guy i assaulted. This whole problem started because my brothers ex girlfriend was still heartbroken and got angry because i beat her aunt at karaoke

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Do not reveal facts in this forum as statements here are not privileged and can be used in a proscecution.

Contact a local attorney to help you get ahead of this matter. They may also be familiar with the investigators and department involved. I would recommend you not speak with any detective or police officer further unless you are advised to do so by counsel and your counsel is present for the questioning.


If you are being accused of a crime (even falsely by a dirty cop--maybe especially if falsley by a dirty cop), you need to consult a defense attorney immediately. Judges aren't involved unless a person is indicted and a contested issue is being presented to the court. So either that comment makes no sense, or you really really need a lawyer asap.

Macy Jaggers's answer to a legal question on Avvo does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Ms. Jaggers offers everyone a free consultation to discuss their case. Feel free to call her office at 214-365-9800 to make an appointment (phones are answered 24 hours) or visit her website at for more information about her services and recent victories.


What your are describing could likely be a felony charge. The most salient advice on this forum so far is that you should avoid posting any details of this issue on the internet. The government can and will use this information against you. I will try to answer the question however.

As you are in Pharr, Texas (Rio Grande Valley), Hidalgo County follows the Grand Jury system of presenting formal indictments. Once an investigating agency brings a felony investigation to the attention of the District Attorney, their office of Felony Intake will ensure the legal elements of a crime can be proven. If so, they will refer the case to the Grand Jury.

You need to run a parallel investigation. An attorney cannot interfere with either part of the investigation, but they can send information to the police, and the District Attorney - if you have the evidence - that serves to exonerate you. If you have enough evidence, they can dismiss the case or the Grand Jury can decline to indict you.

I suggest you find an attorney and get in front of the issue as quickly as possible.

This should not be construed as advice, only information and I recommend for any additional questions you seek the advice of experienced immigration legal counsel.


The other lawyers are correct. In a criminal prosecution everything the defendant says (with a few limited exceptions) is admissible in court against them. This includes telephone conversations, written statements, texts, emails, just about anything . . . including posts on the Internet. Find and hire a qualified defense attorney immediately. Talk with ONLY them! Let your lawyer work-up your defense and rely upon them for expert advice.

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