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Am i going to jail or worse prison

Indianapolis, IN |

I got a letter in the mail that states I'm scheduled for an Informal Administration hearing if i don't go a warrent will be issued for my arrest? Does this mean they'll lock me up either way

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You will definitely get locked up if you fail to attend the Informal Admin. hearing. At least, with a hearing, you stand a chance of avoiding jail. Speak with local counsel and make sure you attend the hearing.



So it will jist be a hearing that day on what they plan to do or needs to happen but no arrest on informal hearings do i have that correct

Douglas Holbrook

Douglas Holbrook


That is not what I said. Please re-read what I did say. I said that you will definitely get locked up if you fail to attend the Informal Admin. hearing. However, at least, by attending the hearing, you stand a chance, i repeat, a chance of avoiding jail. It would be to advantage to speak with local counsel and have them make inquiry in advance. But whatever you do, make sure you attend the hearing. Hopefully that is more clear.


I agree with Attorney Holbrook.


Not necessarily; however, counsel will be able to better advise you once you provide him/her with more details concerning the circumstances surrounding the hearing. It seems unwise to skip the hearing and ensure that you'll be arrested when your attendance may avoid it.

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