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Am I going to jail for 3x communiy service violation?

Hamilton Township, NJ |

I got my 3rd DUI in 2006, while visiting NJ. I have 59 of 180 hours left of community service hours. This is the 3rd time before the court for noncompliance. Any help out there for me, or am U going to jail, and will time be suspended for the completed hrs?

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Although all of the municipal courts in the State of New Jersey are governed by the same Court Rules, the specific policies of each Court sometimes vary. Before I can give you a better answer for your question, I would ask that you provide with the name of the specific Municipal Court where you were sentenced. (If the Court where you need to appear is in Hamilton Township, please provide the name of the County where the court is located, as there is more than one Hamilton Township in the State of New Jersey.)


Can you hurry up and complete your hours? If so, get it done ASAP. If not, then it is possible that you will be going to jail because you are making it appear to the court that you do not care to follow your probation conditions. You are lucky to receive a probation for a 3rd DUI.


Your question raises more questions and does not allow a simple answer. For example, it would be important to know what other sentencing elements were involved in terms of fines, jail time, the length of time between your various convictions, whether you had any form of in-patient rehabilitation and so on. It would also be important to know if and how any court has previously addressed your failure to complete community service and whether you have any plausible reasons for your failure to comply.

In general, no court looks kindly on the failure to follow its sentencing directives and repeated failure to follow such direction may only heighten the court’s concern. A third DUI conviction in the State of New Jersey has some very strict sentencing requirements.

A judge is likely to look more favorably on any positive steps you take to quickly remedy the situation and work with your community service representative.