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Am I going to have to pay 1/2 the out of state transportation costs?!

Vancouver, WA |

My son was born 2.5 years ago - when I notified his father or the pregnancy, he took off and it has taken me 2 years to finally locate him and get him into court. Next month we are going back to court to discuss visitation. He has never seen my son, I have several declrations supporting that he knew about his son and my pregnancy and I am moving on grounds of willful neglect and abandonment. In his response he put that he wants me to pay 1/2 the transportation costs to and from Vanc to LA. #1. Will my son be required to hop a plane and spend time with a complete stranger? #2. Will I have to pay for it? Or some of it? This stresses me out. He has never seen his "son" and it seems to me that sending my 2 yr old on a plane to see a complete stranger and having to pay for it is crazy?!

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Good afternoon. I am sorry to hear about this stressful situation for you. If your son is 2.5 years old and has not seen or spent time with his father in a long time or ever, you should ask the court to enter for a reunification process which will occur locally. This will often include phone calls supervised by a counselor specializing in reunification that lead to personal visits locally again supervised by a counselor. From there, it should go to a long distance parenting plan if visitation is allowed. You should argue that he pay for the costs associated with reunification. However, if the court does not agree to that, you will likely pay your pro-rata share based on your two incomes and the child support worksheet. Feel free to call our office to set up a free consultation and possibly discuss this further. I hope this information helps.


You should consult with an attorney in private. There is a lot going on in your case and if you can at least meet with an attorney for an hour they should be able to help guide you through the process. Some will meet for the first hour for free, others charge. Just start calling around and asking about consultations.