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Am I entitled to the settlement money? can I sue the compmay?

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Hello, My dad was injured on the job and received a settlement. I was supposed to get a lump some of money before I turned 18. My dad is now deceased he died in 1997. I went to live with my uncle at the age of 15 after my dad died. While living with my uncle I received social security benefits. When I graduated from high school I moved back to California with my grandmother she showed me letters where this company was trying to reach me I called the number and they told me that since I was over 18 that it was too late and that I could not collect the money.
I was wondering if I had a case against the company since I was enrolled in a Texas school my social security was coming out of Texas, I feel like they did not look for me at all. I am wanting to know am I still entitled to this

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There is not enough information here. I am not sure why you were going to get money when it was your dad that had on the job injury. You will need an attorney to look into the matter and review what documents you have.



That is the thing. I don't know if this money was from his settlement or Social security. The paper work I know longer have :(


As my colleague indicated your question is unclear. Are you stating that there is money in a blocked account for you based on a minors compromise? or Are you stating that you have a claim as a minor and your claim is not perfected yet? Either way you can pursue a claim,either getting money out of a blocked account or filing a lawsuit if you have not reached your 20th birthday, since there will be an additional two years tolling of statute of limitations after you reached the age of 18.
If none of the above applies you need to get the facts straight and consult an attorney regardless.
Good Luck


Your facts are not clear enough to provide you with direction. You should gather whatever facts and documents you have and schedule a consultation with a local attorney for guidance.

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