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Am i entitled to Income replacement benifits from my insurance company if i was working only part time prior to my car accident

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I was involved in a hit and run car accident in which i sustained injuries but luckily managed to get the license plate of the other car , my insurance company helped out with fixing my car, medical bills etc . Due to the accident i wasnt able to carry on with my part time job in which i was working as a sales agent for an overseas company. As i was a student at the time my education was effected due to the accident as well, its been almost 8 months since the car accident but the matter regarding my income replacement has not be settled yet , as the insurance investigation company are demanding that i show them tax payements for the job i was doing , but since the company was overseas the tax was being paid there. Is it possible for me to get my income replacement payments in such a case?

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Your insurance coverage, for accident damage, or lost income, is enirely dependent on the stuff in your polocy, or state staute. See a lawyer

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