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Am I entitled to compensation for a whiplash injury? I have an attorney but he never calls me back so that's why I'm asking!

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I fell in an ice storm at work on January 25, 2013. I sustained both lower and upper back pain from a direct hit and whiplash. I filed work comp and was accepted. I saw a neurologist who reviewed my ex rays and said that I was not a surgical candidate however did not return me back to work. He referred me to a soft tissue specialist who then put me in physical therapy. My MRI did indicate a bulging disc around the upper back/ neck area. The Physical Therapist said that my vertebra was twisted and was the reason my neck was locking up. She told me not to worry that she could get me back in good shape! I've been through two sessions and my neck still locks up and hurts! I'm back to work now with restrictions but I'm not healing and its been four months! The Dr. says she doesn't give a PPI?

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Arrange a meeting with your attorney. He is the one who should advise you. That is why you hired him in the first place. If he will not meet with you to discuss, look for alternative counsel.


If your attorney is not responding to you, seek new counsel while it is early in your relationship.

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The best thing to do is request an in office meeting so that you can get your questions answwered. If your attorney is not willing to sdo that then you might want to consider going elsewhere. Its your case, not the attorneys.

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