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Am I eligible for unpaid overtime?

Orlando, FL |

Each week I log between 45-50 hours of work and am paid a flat rate of $450 before taxes regardless if I worked 40 or 60 hours a week.
We sign a paper time sheet to which write down hours worked which I then submit to the payroll company thru a spreadsheet via email. Despite being in a "manage", would I have a case for unpaid overtime because I am only paid $450?

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I would have to know more about your job and the industry you are in, but more than likely you are entitled to overtime if you are only paid a salary of $450 per week. Feel free to call my office and I'll be happy to talk to you personally.


To answer this question properly many more details abou your job is needed. You should contact a local attorney and have a consultation.


Under federal law there are a number of exemptions that could make you exempt from overtime. Like another responder said, more information about your particular job duties and responsibilities is needed to determine whether you are exempt or non exempt from overtime. The "white collar" exemptions typically carry a salary-basis requirement, that, in addition to meeting the duties test, calls for a guaranteed salary of not less than $455/week. If you potentially fall into one of these categories based on duties, then you would still be non exempt because your salary is not at least $455/week. That said, you should contact a local employment lawyer to discuss your particular situation.

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