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Am i breaking the law by having insurance on vehicle, when the driver does not have a drivers licence? what is the penallty?

Forest City, NC |

this person lost there licence because of a dui in 08', she is the mother of my son. last yr i got of prison in fl, and we got back together. in september we baught a car and put it and the insurance in my name so she would have a legal tag. I know that i am in a trap, but i don't know were to start to get out of it, because i can not afford an attorney.

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In addition to the possible criminal penalties to your significant other for driving without license (or while the license is suspended) you could conceivably face criminal penalties for fraud. In addition, some other possible problems you have include the fact that the insurance you obtained may not apply even if an accident happens, especially if you knew that the primary driver on the vehicle did not have a valid license when you obtained the policy with the intent that your significant other be the driver.

Your easiest way out is to not allow your significant other to drive without a valid license. I do not konw the situation regarding whether your significant other has served her suspension and could get her license reinstated, but an attorney in North Carolina should be able to anser those questions for you.

I understand that you have limited funds, but an attorney may be able to tell you how long after an 08 DUI it will be before your sign. other can get her driving privileges reinstated and leave the legwork of submitting the appropriate forms, insurance information, etc to you and your significant other.

For everyone's sake please do not allow your sign. other to driver without getting her license resinstated. Good luck.

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