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Am I being extorted according to California law?

San Gabriel, CA |

My dad passed away in U.S. He had a safety box with my sibling in Asia. In it is the grant deed to the property he gave me in Asia. Dad instructed sibling to return grant deed to me since I had no access to the safety box. Sibling has returned to Asia twice after dad passed away without returning the deed to me. He said I would have to pay for his airline tickets he quoted at USD$5,000. But he had to return to Asia two times already anyway. I also found out the ticket cost only $1,060 round trip. Has he committed extortion based on California law? If not, has he committed any other offenses?

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I am not sure that you are posting your question in the right section. This issue would probably better addressed by a civil attorney, perhaps even a probate attorney. Given that you haven't listed any instances of your sibling using force or threatening you I don't know that there are any facts to support a claim of extortion. As to your other question, "has he committed any other offense" - that's really kind of vague, similar to asking how long is a piece of string? Don't forget you have posted your question in a forum where criminal defense attorneys respond... maybe if there's a prosecutor lurking on the forum they could give you some insight as to any other potential offenses. I hope you are able to resolve your differences with your sibling without the need to involve the authorities. Good luck to you.

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I agree with Mr. Keating. You need to address this question to a civil attorney with experience in property law and/or wills & estates law.

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