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Am I Being Emotionally Abused?

Greenville, MI |

I am 14 years old and I have depression, social anxiety and ADD. My father is an alcoholic and has lost custody rights. I have my mom and stepdad, and I'm thinking that they verbally abuse me, but it'd be nice to get a second opinion. My parents have both threatened to beat me. My mom says things like, "if I knew this was how you were going to treat me, I would've never kept you" (this was her response to me cutting), "you're making everyone miserable and we are going to move out because of you." "I want to move to California by myself." "You're crude and selfish." "I can't see the good in you anymore." "You used to be my favorite but now your sister is." And often swear and yell at me.

I was going to a therapist and my parents also, but my mom forced me to stop going after a bad family meeting with her and I when she said some hurtful things. The therapist did help me a lot. I'm taking antidepressants, but they don't seem to help as much.

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You are really going through a lot with parents that at best seem to not be helping and also seem to be unnecessarily and even purposefully hurtful. It is a shame that you could not continue with the therapist you were seeing. Whether this is emotional abuse or not, it is certainly something that you should not have to try to get through without professional assistance.

Perhaps you could reach out the your former therapist, some trusted adult at school or your pediatrician's office to put you in touch with a therapist that you could start seeing without your mother's permission. Be aware that therapists, pediatricians and school personnel are most likely mandated reporters in Michigan, which means that they are required to report circumstances such as yours (suspected abuse or neglect) to child protective services (CPS).

A report to CPS would likely result in an investigation and could result in your being placed in foster care, if the CPS worker believes that you are being abused or neglected and your mother does not cooperate with them to correct the deficiencies in her parenting. See the link below for the phone number for Michigan's year-and-a-half old statewide hotline number for reporting child abuse or neglect.

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You should contact Department of Human Services/CPS. Talk to a friends parent, teacher or police officer. This is not right and you need to seek help.


No one would say that these comments from your mom are correct or productive but what good will the answer to this question do you? Your father is out of the picture; do you imagine that you life will improve if CPS removes you from your home and puts you in the foster system? The first rule of therapy is that the therapist has no power to change someone else's behavior -- it is all about you. If it makes you feel better to hear that the things you mentioned are the wrong thing for a parent to say, you have my vote along with the others. But you have to be goal oriented with your actions. I would not involve CPS in anything unless you have thought it through very thoroughly. 14 year olds are often not what would-be foster parents are looking for...



I was actually thinking of requesting a guardian, my uncle who is willing to take me, if CPS gets involved. I am aware that this is a huge thing and I still plan on thinking about it for a while, unless things get more out of hand. I also wanted to be sure I wasn't overreacting, I wanted to know if saying those things was wrong or not. Thank you for your help.

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