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Am I as a defendant responsible for providing proof to the Court that a judgment against me has been satisfied?

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I received written proof from the attorney that my roughly $20K judgment has been settled but they stated I have to go to the Douglas County court and pay to have the judgment shown as satisfied and do the legwork to get the lien on my home released. Wouldn't this be something they are required to do in a specified time frame and if they don't, what recourse would I have?

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If you had an attorney and their was a judgment in district court, they should have made sure it was satisfied as required under Rule 58(b). It is the duty of the judgment creditor to file such satisfaction and a motion can be filed to require this. You may want to talk to an attorney to assist you on the motion. Frankly, a letter from an attorney should be enough to get the judgment creditor to file this assuming there was a district court judgment that was satisfied but they or their attorney failed to file as required.

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