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Am I allowed to sue for my on the job injury? I was working as an inmate trustee when I was hurt on the job.

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I was working as a ranch hand where we road horses for the work we did. On the day I was hurt the horse was sick or something. It was the only horse that would not get up. The horse was lying in the trailer and the boss had to kick it and whip it to get it up and moving. I said I did not want to ride it. But the boss ordered me to. As a trustee you do not tell the boss no, or you get kicked off the crew. I rode the horse, but it through me, and then fell on top of me and crushed me. I was laying there an hour before the helicopter flew me out. I broke all kinds of bones and lost my spleen. Now I'm on work release at a halfway home. The horse fell on me August 24, 2011. I'm told I only have two years to sue. What can I do? No attorney will take the case.

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Each state is different but in most you can not file a workers comp claim while incarcerated. You may have a personal injury claim against the owner of the horse however you will need to talk to a Texas personal injury atty to find out.


Sue who for what? It's NOT WC because you were incarcerated, NOT working. You allege no negligence.

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