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Am i allowed to call the judges office to ask if they received the expert medical adviser report.

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the report is fifteen days late and i can not get an answer from my attorney or his office.. all i want from the judges office is a yes or no and i would ask nothing else..i"am to far along in this process to change attorneys but i do believe i should have stuck with an overworked and underpaid attorney through no fault of his own is not given me the time or attention my case deserves in my opinion..i have placed calls over several weeks with no call back..

this is meant for workers compensation

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You can also look up your case docket online and check for the EMA report. The webpage to search for your case is:


I'm going to edit the practice area of your post to "Workers Compensation" for better exposure.

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Your attorney should be doing this but you can call and see what they say


You cannot speak with the judge but you can ask that question of his staff. The judge's staff does not have to answer your question because you are represented by counsel.

If your attorney refuses to answer your calls or is unable to do so because he is as you say "overworked and underpaid," you need to report that attorney and or the firm for whom he works,to the Florida Bar:

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No. If you are represented, the Judge's office will not talk to you. Your Attorney is definitely your better call.

We offer general concepts, but you should give ALL your facts to a licensed Attorney in your state before you RELY upon any legal advice.


Call your lawyer, not the Judge. These things and delays happen all the time in WC. Just part of the process.


I have been representing injured workers in workers' compensation cases in the Tampa Bay area for over 25 years and I can tell you that you will not receive any information from the office of the judges of compensation claims other than you should contact your attorney for questions like yours. The only thing I see where you have a legitimate concern is that you are not receiving any callbacks from your attorney's office. Even if your attorney is not able to call you back personally right away, he should have someone in his office do so.

As far as what Mr. Candiano says about contacting the Florida Bar, I respectfully disagree 100%. All that organization can do in a situation like this is to contact your attorney and recommend that he or someone in his office return your phone calls. I suggest that you write your attorney explaining that you have been trying to contact him and ask him to call you back. I am sure that Mr. Candiano would prefer one of his disgruntled clients making more efforts to contact him rather than turning them into the Illinois equivalent of the Florida Bar for possible disciplinary actions. I think that is premature in your case.

You and I do not know if your attorney is even getting these messages. He could have a personnel problem about which he is unaware and not be getting the messages. I suggest that instead of calling the Florida Bar that you write to him asking to arrange a meeting to discuss these matters.

Rest assured that you are not the only injured worker who thinks that his lawyer is not giving his case the time and attention it deserves. It is human nature for them to think that their case deserves 100% of their lawyer's time all the time. Your lawyer and even the judge are pretty powerless as to forcing a Dr. to issue his EMA report. The doctors usually cite reasons such as being called into surgery, etc. and there is really is not much the judge can even do.

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