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Am I able to partake in an online web course while on a US B-2 visa?

Bismarck, ND |

I'd really like to study in a few online courses through the internet to keep my mind busy, but wanted to know, am I breaching the terms of my tourist visa.? I mean its not like I am attending an american school or university physically in person nor enrolling in a school, but is it penalized by US immigration officials as visa fraud anyway because I'm still learning while on a pleasure visit? .... Thank-you.

Please note, my study would be about 4 to 5 hours a week & I am not enrolled in a university abroad or in the States so it would not earn me credit. I am hoping this would classify as "incidental study" under B-2 terms

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Attorney answers 2


Many B2 visitors take recreational courses such as cooking, dancing, computer, etc. The general rules are that the courses cannot be for credit or more than 18 hours a week. You should be fine. Enjoy.


not covered specifically in the regulations but casual courses less than a certain number of hours a week are permitted so stay under that number.