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Am i able to obtain my bac blood test results and how do i do it.

Phoenix, AZ |

i was arrested for dui and bac above .08 or < within 2 hrs of driving i had blood drawn and looking to find out how to obtain results before court

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If you have not retained an attorney, you can go to the district attorney's office and request a copy of your "discovery" or copies of the police reports including the lab report showing your calculated BAC. You should probably call the DA's office first to find out their procedure. You probably can't just walk in and pick it up. They probably need a few days to process your request.

If the date of your arrest is fairly close to your first court date, they may not have your lab results back.

I would counsel anyone charged with a DUI offense to at least consult with, if not hire, an experienced DUI defense attorney. Many offer a free consultation.

Best of luck.

John Buckley


You can file a public records request with the arresting police agency, or with the Arizona Department of Public Safety ("DPS"), IF the DPS Crime Lab was the lab that processed the blood. Blood test results are taking anywhere from 2-3 weeks to 30-days to process (and be disclosed), so there is a pretty good chance that the test results will NOT be back by your first court date (especially if we're talking about your initial arraignment).

Not having the results by the arraignment date is not that critical for the State. However, if they do not have the blood test results by the first pre-trial conference, Rule 15 sanctions (including preclusion of the State's blood test results) may need to be reviewed by your attorney.

Good luck!

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