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Am i able to go to rehab instead of jail for 3rd offense of owi with child

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No, if you are convicted of 3rd OWI in WI, you will face lengthily mandatory jail time, or even prison, if a minor was in the vehicle at the time and DA pursues the minor occupant penalty enhancer to the end. Partial reprieves for in patient rehabilitation are very rare, but may result in a lesser sentence. Here in Racine County, I have also sometimes been able to get clients into a local county jail rehab program allowing offenders to obtain major jail time reductions, but this rehab program within the jail and does not allow Huber release (usually ruling out release for care for your kids). Many other counties have similar local programs so you should ask your local attorney to check into this. Your attorney may also find technical defenses which could beat the charge or improve your bargaining position against the DA, so you should not delay in hiring an experienced local criminal lawyer. Many defenses tend to be lost due the passage or time or after the first court appearance. You might also be able to gain a small advantage by contesting the administrative suspension of your license, but only if you do so within the first 10 days after you are cited, so time is of the essence.

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By statute you will need to serve at least 48 hours in custody I believe but then there are programs county-by-county aimed at rehabilitating people so that they don't lose their livelihoods/families. How these programs are used is generally up to the judges and to some extent up to the DAs. Driving twice with a child as a passenger is going to be seen as wildly irresponsible. You need to get the best attorney you and your friends and family can afford under the circumstances.

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No. A third offense enhanced by the presence of a child in the vehicle is a felony. Not only is there a mandatory minimum jail sentence that applies, but prison is also a possibility. Getting yourself immediately into treatment will help mitigate your sentence, but you need to get yourself a lawyer.

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There is a minimum mandatory jail term for a third offense. So long as the court imposes the minimum term, the judge has discretion to place the defendant on probation. One condition of probation may be that the defendant enroll in an alcohol rehabilitation program. If my clients are out on bail, I recommend that they get into treatment immediately (i.e. while the case is still pending). Doing this allows the defendant to demonstrate for the sentencing judge that he/she is serious about taking responsibility.

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The mandatory minimum jail is 45 days without a child in the car. Because there was a child in the car, the minimum is doubled to 90 days. However, the DA is not likely to offer and the judge is not likely to order the minimum. The maximum of 1 year is also doubled to 2 years because there was a child in the car. Unless you win, you would expect, I'd say 5-7 months with proof of counseling, and 9+ months without counseling as a statewide ballpark expectation, assuming your BAC was near the state average of .17. Time to lawyer up.