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Am I able to drive to and from court appointed penalties with my DUI Limitied Permit?

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Yes, the limited permit includes fulfilling the requirements of your sentence so you can drive to your probation officer, community service etc. Please keep in mind that if you are pulled over and you tell the officer you are coming from a friend's house or a store, you can be charged with a new offense and you will lose the permit.

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Thank you Holly! Good to know.


The new changes to the law which took effect on July 1st of this year do allow you to drive on your limited permit to the probation office and any treatment ordered by the court.


Yes, and this is a great question for the lawyer who represented you in court. Georgia law is strict in limiting that permit to activities related to work, school and medical appointments. The permit has always allowed a driver to go to court-order alcohol counseling, such as DUI School and the alcohol/drug evaluation and treatment, but only recently has DDS recognized the driver's other requirements such as to and from community service and probation. Congratulations, Georgia Assembly for passing this important legislation and recognizing that drivers, out of desperation, will choose to drive when they are suspended. This means insurance will cover them, and that's good for us all.

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Short answer - YES. The Limited Driving Permit allows you to drive to Work, School, Medical appointments. You can also drive to Court Ordered activities such as; DUI School and any required Alcohol Counseling/Drug Evaluation and Treatment. Now after July 1'st the Limited Permit allows driving to Community Service activities and to the Probation Office. the attorney who represented you in your DUI should have explained the Limited Permit and its uses to you. PLEASE BE AWARE: The Limited Permit DOES NOT ALLOW for driving to CHURCH. I hope this information has been helpful to you. Good Luck!!! George McCranie IV

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