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Altercation that required no one getting hurt just a bump on the head what would be the worst case for that person

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Sister was upset at aunt sister told my aunt to come down stairs then told her to stay out of her business aunt provoked sister with finger taunting and pulling on shirt sister try to grab her hand brother got in the way and sister ended up hitting her in the head that is it lasted for 5 seconds. Police was called my sister left police called and was rude did not want to heart sister side of the story after he took statement he told her that the phone call was being recorded and did not state that in the beginning of the phone call.

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If you are asking what type of criminal charges your sister could face for assaulting your aunt, you need to post this question in the criminal area so a criminal law specialist can hear your fact pattern and advise what possible criminal charges your sister could face. From an injury standpoint, if your aunt was not injured to the point where she required medical attention and did not incur medical bills, there is not much in the way of compensation she could seek from you sister.


In every case where one person injures another there can be civil as well as other legal implications. Whether the injuries are minimal and the case is or is not appealing is another issue. No one will like these facts. However, police like to deter this type of conduct.

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From a civil standpoint, what you are describing is a battery. Theoretically, damages could be awarded for the indignity of manhandled. But it would not be worth pursuing, and I doubt any lawyer would take the case. As far as criminal charges, that is outside the scope of my expertise.


Your facts indicate criminal issues, and do not indicate an arrest.

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