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Along with not paying for credit cards, should you stop payment on personal unsecured loans before official filing?

Gainesville, FL |

I have stopped using and paying the credit card bills that will be included in the Chap 13 filings. I have 2 unsecured loans (peer and non peer). Should I stop paying on these as well?

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Lawyers aren't allowed to tell people not to pay their debts. The wisdom of not paying the bills really depends on how big of an unsecured creditors pool you are going to have in the 13. Generally it's a good idea to not treat unsecured creditors differently. If you were filing a 7, it would probably be a waste of your money to continue to pay on credit cards. The best thing you can do is ask your attorney about this. Hope this helps and best of luck!

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Do you need the money you are spending on these debts to complete the payment of your attorney fees? Are either of these loans to parties that qualify as "insiders," such as family members, friends or business partners? Hope this perspective helps!


Hire an attorney.

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