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All documents needed (where to find) for Chapter 7 bankruptcy ? Financial counseling course before court date ?

Sacramento, CA |

Representing self, did call Federal Court # recording only.

Have to do ASAP to satisfy Mortgage modification.

Retired w/Medical 3-29-2013 after 40+yrs w/County of Sacramento.

Thank you for your time/help on this urgent matter.

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Check the courts website for your forms and also the approved course providers. Sound like Northern Federal district of California.


Here is just a sampling of providers (numbers, costs may be outdated, so please use at your own discretion):

• CC Advising ($14 credit counseling)

• Cricket Debt Counseling or call (866) 719-0400;

• or call (800) 849-3036 (online - $25 credit counseling; $15 debtor education/ telephone - $34.95 credit counseling; $24.95 debtor education)

• Cricket Debt Counseling or call (866) 719-0400;

• Greenpath: or call (888) 860-4220;

• Springboard or call (800) 947-3752;

• Consumer Credit Counseling or call (800) 540-2227.

Best of luck!

Michael Salanick, Esq.

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Michael Salanick

Michael Salanick


Certificate Credit Counseling – 1st course/pre-bankruptcy (option A) (online only, low- to no-cost); Certificate Credit Counseling – 1st course/pre-bankruptcy (option B) ($9.95 only)


Sacramento is in the Eastern District.


I agree with Mr. Whitaker. Sacramento is Eastern District. The website he provided has list of forms that need be filed.
You need to complete credit counseling before you file, and then another counseling after you file.